Radio Intimate’s Howie Moscovitch plays and programs every track and also arranges, engineers and mixes. He has access to excellent vocalists, instrumentalists and rappers as well as access to a variety of studios, mixers and co-producers.

From a large group tracking live to meticulous midi editing, pretty much anything is possible.

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chris-trevett-bwHowie Moscovitch has formed a new production team with A & R director, producer, tracking and mixing engineer Chris Trevett.

His vast body of work has earned him 13 Grammy nominations and 2 wins. Chris has worked with Michael Jackson, Prince, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, N SYNC, Black Sabbath, Nine Inch Nails, The Roots, Boyz II Men and McCoy Tyner to name a few.

He has mixed and engineered records for many top name producers including Mutt Lange, Max Martin, Arif Mardin, Phil Ramone, Teddy Riley and Dallas Austin.

Radio Intimate welcomes Chris and together they’re looking for projects with talented artists.

Howie writes and produces Pop in every conceivable genre including Hip Hop, R n B, Dance, and Rock. Radio Intimate seeks the best singers and singer rappers across the country and around the world who are serious about their careers.

Howie and his stable of co-writers write with and for artists to create memorable CDs.

Contact Howie Moscovitch about your next project.