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    About Radio Intimate

    Howie Moscovitch red guitar

    Radio Intimate’s Howie Moscovitch plays and programs every track and also arranges, engineers and mixes. He has access to excellent vocalists, instrumentalists and rappers as well as access to a variety of studios, mixers and co-producers.

    From a large group tracking live to meticulous midi editing, pretty much anything is possible.

    Howie writes and produces Pop in every conceivable genre including Hip Hop, R n B, Dance, and Rock. Radio Intimate seeks the best singers and singer rappers across the country and around the world who are serious about their careers.

    Howie and his stable of co-writers write with and for artists to create memorable CDs.

    Recent Videos

    “Daddy’s Daughter” with K Rush and his daughter Aliyah, written and produced by Howie Moscovitch. 

    Hot Tracks

    All American Girl-Carrie Underwood Remix

    “Mad”-Howie Original

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